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Cause 4Paws Gary

Cause 4Paws Gary, INC provides low cost responsible pet ownership services. We are happy to help!

Trap Neuter & Manage Assistance:

This program is designed to assist seniors, veterans, disabled residents, and disadvantaged families reduce over-population, prevent the spread of disease, and address animal suffering among feral cat colonies in the City of Gary.

The program includes trapping, spay/neuter, vaccines(rabies, FeLV), parasite treatment(internal &external), tattoo, and micro-chipping, and returned to their colony base camp.

*In inclement weather altered female cats will be kept for 48 hours adequate recovery before being returned to their base camp.

Feral kittens will be transferred to Foster Care for socialization evaluation and rehabilitation. Those kittens that can not be rehabilitated to interact with humans will be returned to their original base camp.

*Pet food assistance may apply

Services are charged at a nominal fee to help offset costs that are not covered by grant funding.

Spay/Neuter Assistance:

This program is designed to assist seniors, veterans, disabled residents, and disadvantaged families with low-cost spay/neuter/vaccination and micro-chip service for domestic cats and small dogs (45 lbs or less).

Cost: $75.00-$150.00 per pet to Lake County, Indiana Residents

Vaccination & Wellness Clinic:

This clinic is a part of our responsible pet ownership program and our No Pet Left Behind Campaign. We will be hosting mobile clinics throughout the City of Gary to provide low-cost vaccinations, general wellness, and microchipping for dogs.

Pet Food Support:

We support our residents that are actively participating in our Trap,Neuter,& Manage Program,and our Foster Care Program. In addition we are expanding our program to assists residents that are experiencing a financial hardship that would prevent them from providing adequate nutrition for their pets.

Pet Nutrition Workshop:

This is a developing workshop that is a part of our responsible pet ownership program. Residents will learn about the value of good nutrition for their pets. How proper nutrition affects an animal's growth, immune system, and the importance of how to budget for the best food for your pet in all stages of their life.

Canine Obedience Clinic:

The number one reason why dogs are displaced is due to negative. We are actively working to provide a workshop that will help to address the basic communication skills for pet parents to help them recognize and correct negative behavior. Coupled with outings in our new dog park can help to ease stress and keep the pet in the home.

Basic Coat & Skin Care Workshop:

This is a developing program to help increase bonding time for both dog and cat owners. We will teach you what tools to use to properly care for each specific dog or cat's coat. Learn how to recognize the most common skin irritations and how to prevent them. 

Click here for Pet Food Assistance

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