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Cause 4Paws Gary

Here is the impact that we are making in the community


Trap, Neuter and Release, plus affordable mobile cat spay/neuter clinics offer residents to reduce the cat overpopulation in the community. The numbers show that it is a valuable service that is needed in our community.

The Public Vet team was a welcomed relief to many struggling pet parents. We look forward to working with them again!

Spay/Neuter Services

April       86 Cats serviced

August 67 Cats serviced

October 91 Cats serviced

Total 244 cats serviced

1st year supporting cat owners


Gary Pet Food Pantry Opened

4090 lbs Dry dog food distributed

2,210 lbs Dry cat food distributed

2,828 5 oz Cans of Cat Food distributed

2,360 lbs of Clumping cat litter distributed

81 Qualified low-income residents served

4,090 lbs Dry dog food distributed

2,210 lbs Dry Cat food distributed

2,828 5 oz cans of cat food distributed

2,360 lbs of clumping cat litter distributed

Spay/Neuter Services

70 Dogs

56 Cats

76 Street Cats

25 Adoptions

Pet Food Pantry Impact


200 Qualified low-income residents served

5,257 lbs Dry dog food distributed

2,836 lbs Dry cat food distributed

3,728 5 oz Cans of Cat food distributed

3,020 lbs of Clumping Cat litter distributed

13 Dogs received emergency medical care

4 Cats received emergency medical care

Spay/Neuter Services

17 Dogs

6 Cats

43 Street Cats

Emergency Medical Service Impact

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